Daily Archives: 05/09/2008

Ghost Town

Is this perhaps the funniest film that has been released in 2008? I for one think so! Ricky Gervais has started to become a man who appears more on the silver screen than he does on the box. Is acting career has gone from strenght to strength and having watched this film I can see why. So what is so great about the film? Firstly it has that feel good factor in it. A bad guy turning good and going from helpless to helpful. It has the emotion factor, tears of laughter quickly turn to tears of sadness in the space of a few seconds. Finally it has the romance factor. Being an old softy (and knowing there are many more out there), I couldn’t help but wish Gervais’s character Bertram Pincus to do the right thing, and find happiness. The story of a man seeing dead people is not a new one, however the plot has traditionally been on that is reserved for horror films, with the like and Hide and Seek. However this film is different, It is a comedy and with that Gervais is tasked with stopping a ghosts wife from marrying again. With Gervais playing a dentist who has problems communicating & interacting with people is one that results in many laughable comments both made and aimed at him. I have deliberately left this review vague for the simple reason, it is a brilliant film, and well worth 90 minutes of your time to go and see, take my word, it will be the best 90 minutes spent in the cinema this year.