Theres Snow Use, The UK Just Cant Get It Right!

Hello all,

Rather than create a first post with welcoming you to my blog I thought I would just dive straight in and post my first comment intertwined with thanks. So here goes.

The last few days the UK has seen some of the worst snow weather of the decade, and typically the UK has been completely un-prepared. A week ago I tuned into the weather forecast to be told that we should be expecting snow. This was Monday, Wednesday came and there was no snow. Thursday night there was snow in bucket loads.

Now, you would be a fool for believing what the weather man says to you, however you would have thought that local councils, having collected their outrageous amount of council tax would be able to not only invest in decent weather forecasting technology, but an action plan to insure that the country doesn’t grind to a hault over what is, in effect, just frozen water!

Well we were clearly expecting too much. The response by local government seemed to fall into two categories:

The first, do nothing at all. This beggars belief. I mean why on earth would a local council just decide not to act on weather reports? They received plenty of notice, yet decide to just sit on the information and hope that will power alone will see them through this cold patch. What planet are they living on. If the roads are closed because of the snow, not only can one not use their cars, but buses cant run and people are in effect isolated from the world.

This leads me nicely onto my second category; take action but its too late. Having looked out the windows of city hall, many must have decided that, yes it is time to take some action, and credit to them for admitting that they should have taken some action. However its too late, the roads are blocked by cars trying to get home, get to work or simply run errands, making the roads un passable – even to the snow gritters! So even though they now want to correct there silly mistake, its to late, and all the good will in the world will not let snow gritters float over stranded cars to grit the roads.

Thankfully I didnt suffer too much as the result of the local governments incompetence. I was at home and only had to venture out across the M62 to get back to Leeds from a trip to Manchester. This involved us passing though Oldham, a very hilly area of the North of England. Now Oldham didnt spring these hills out over night, and yet were still untreated. Ill say that again UNTREATED! Were not talking about being treated and the snow being so extreme that the grit couldnt cope, they simply were ignored. What was Oldham council thinking? Snow+Hills+Cars=Accident waiting to happen!

Cars were slipping everywhere, down the hills, across lanes of traffic, lorries were breaking down it was madness! One thing I cant understand about people in the UK is that we are happy to complain quietly to ourselves, or to people in out near vicinity; people of Oldham; I dont live there, but if I did the roads were in a terrible state and it would drive me mad to see that nothing is being done! Write to your MP and get something done, and by all means post a snow ball though their letter box to!

As I look out of my window now, the snow is melting, and whilst I love snow, it is a constant cause of havoc when it hits. Water in every form seems to cripple the UKs transportation network. In rain the roads close, in snow the roads close. How can mankind, who have sent people to the moon, created a plane that can fly us 10,00ft above the earth, not conqueror two of the most basic elemements Hyrdogen & Oxygen?

Even the TomTom cant navigate us out of this one.

Even the TomTom cant navigate us out of this one.