Rage Against The Machine – Follow Like Sheep More Like! 2

Last week saw a battle like no other for the Christmas number one slot. Traditionally (rightly or wrongly) the Christmas number one has been taken by the ITV show The X Factor and up until 2009 this was the case for the past four years; but not this year, the great British public decided to make a stand and boy did they do a good job.

Firstly let’s have a look at the problems which exists by having the X Factors winning single as Christmas number one. First and foremost there is no ‘surprise’ as to what the winner will be – removing some of the magic and excitement from listening to the charts on Sunday night. Too much money goes to the makers of the X Factor, perhaps? however perhaps not. In the past 20 years, over 65% of Christmas number one singles have been labeled by the music giant Sony Music Entertainment. Finally even tho over half the population of the UK 15.62 Million (53.2% of population) watched the X Factor final people do not necessarily think the X Factor winners single has a right to be Christmas number one.

Many people have argued that the RATM campaign was not a personal attack against Simon Cowell or Joe. Now if this was the case, I would be able to accept the fact that the British public wants to take a stand and make a change; however this is not the case. Below are some screenshots of the Facebook Group, you can make your own judgment as to whether this is personally against Simon & Joe.

However one thing which people seemed to have overlooked is whether or not what they were doing was actually working? If you take a look into the fabric of RATM, you will find that they are labeled by a record company called ‘Epic‘. Epic is parented by ‘Sony Music Entertainment‘; and who is one of the biggest single shareholders of Sony Music Entertainment? Mr Cowell.

Now if you look at it from a charity point of view, then this campaign was a success, with money being raised for a good cause, and I don’t think anyone would have a problem with that. However when you look at the t-shirts and facebook comments, in my opinion it was never just about getting Joe out of the charts, it was about sending a message, and that message was sent in the wrong manner.

If people would have simply looked at the background of RATM the would have found within a few minutes that they are the same label that Simon represents, and by trying to hurt him financially – they have in effect doubled it by giving him an extra song in the charts.

People did Rise Against The Machine, however followed like sheep – resulting in a massive fail of one of their motives. Winning the battle but losing the war!