Top Christmas Films

Christmas is the time to not only eat insane amounts of food, have a good old argument with family that you see once a year or spend 3 weeks worrying over one meal thats over in 2 hours. Its the time of year where the whole family gets round the TV to watch a heartwarming, feel good Christmas film.

Here are a few of my favorite (in no particular order I might add).

1. Home Alone:

2. Jingle All The Way:

3. The Santa Clause:

4. Father Of The Bride:

5. Chicken Run:

6. The Polar Express:

7. Miracle On 34th Street:

8. The Grinch:

9. Elf:

10. Love Actually:

11. Die Hard:

12. Scrooge:

13. The Muppets Christmas Carol:

14. Bad Santa:

15. The Snowman:

16. Ill Be Home For Christmas

Oh and just one quick message, the enjoyment of the film watching experience isnt based upon the quality of the blockbuster you are watching, but the people of whom you are watching it with.