New Year Twitter Poem 12

Thankyou to all who are following me,
There are over 230 of you which is nice to see.
I like to send tweets each and every day,
I don’t have an agenda – just when ive something interesting to say.

I broadcast my life in 140 characters or less,
Which isn’t easy at times – it really is a test.
I’ve made some great friends with interests we share,
Be that blogging, photography or how to style our hair.

I dedicate this poem to you my followers – my online family,
Im sure your wondering what the next year will bring – just like me.
Hopefully health & happiness to name but a few,
But what id like even more is to meet some of you.

You are all different some act as brothers some as a mother hen,
Not long left now until 2010.
So with this my little poem comes to end,
With my new year wishes and love I do send.

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