More Snow, More Snow

More snow has fallen over night,
Which causes joy for some and others a fright.
For the kids off school it means more snowmen and snowfights,
With mums and dads of to work waking up early to scrape the car of ice.

The word snow brings so many feelings,
As large flakes drop from the big blue ceiling.
My initial thought is that joy which raises a smile,
Which quickly turn to sadness as I realize the roads haven’t been gritted in quite a while.

Snow is like marmite you either love it or hate it,
And that depends if your nice and warm or out with your hands cold and frost bit.
Me personally I love the stuff provided im nice and warm and in it by my say so,
Which sadly isnt always the case as there are places I just have to go.

Going to uni on a snow ridden day,
Is defiantly not a good experience id like to say.
As I go to uni travelling by bus,
Everyone on these snow days is in even more of a rush.

The bus might not turn up and when it does the seats are soaking wet,
With children crying and screaming mothers getting all in a fret.
Sopping wet clothes I must stay in all through the day until I go home,
When I endure it all over again and can have a jolly good moan.