The Political Battle Is On 1

The general election battle has started with the election coming near,
With major political parties releasing their manifestos which they want you to hear.
Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and not forgetting Labour,
All their promises look very good on paper.

They all want to improve the healthcare within the NHS,
But the question we ask is which one will be the best.
Make schools better with more being able to read and write,
Its going to be a fierce battle with the politicians putting up a huge fight.

First we have the Labour leader Gordon Brown,
Who if you don’t know is the current PM and always wears a frown.
In his defense he has been in-charge through difficult times,
But I for one have had enough of his lies.

Next we have the leader of the Conservatives Mr David Cameron,
Who I would like to see be the PM but he hasn’t yet won.
I think he has what it takes to take our country out of the ooze,
I really hope that he doesn’t lose.

Finally we have the leader of the Liberal Democrats,
Mr Nick Clegg who I think is a bit of a pr&t.
He comes up with the most stupid of ideas,
Which when raised in the House Of Commons just fall on deaf ears.

That is just my opinion of who I would like to see win,
And who I would like to see placed in the political sin bin.
Whether you agree with me or whether you don’t,
I hope that this year if you can you go out and vote!