Fun Ways To Waste Time In Exams 3

Ive had enough writing about the snow,
Its going to be my biggest challenge so i’ll give it a go.
The topic I have chosen is how to procrastinate in an exam or test,
Making all that rhyme is going to be tough so I shall give it my best.

Procrastination in exams is something we have all done,
When we’ve had enough of answering questions and just want to have some fun.
Why do we do this when the time could be use more productively,
Well I hope the answer will become clear for you to see.

The first thing I have done is to sharpen all the pencils in my case,
For this is not only a task that needs doing but time it will waste.
Emptying them from the case and placing them in a nice little line,
This simple task is guaranteed to waste some time.

Second thing worth trying is to build a huge stationary tower,
But the trick is to use just pens and pencils and try avoid the ruler.
Build the tower as high as you can trying to reach the sky,
Of course without catching the gaze of the invigilators eye.

The third and final thing is to shade the inside of letters with your pen,
Such as ‘d’, ‘b’, and ‘o’ but not letters ‘t’, ‘s’ and ‘n’.
There is no reason why we all find this fun,
It’s just one of those silly tasks that has to be done.

So we have sharpened our pencils and built our stationary tower,
However when we look up time wasted is almost over an hour!
These are some of the things I do when an exam is going slow,
What do you do to procrastinate I welcome your stories below.

"I have not yet begun to procrastinate"

“I have not yet begun to procrastinate”