Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow 1

This post is going to be a massive release of tension that’s been building up over the past few days. Funnily enough that’s why the post is entitled Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow as that’s when its all been happening so I apologize for this post being a huge rant and for it not being in rhyme form – but I just need to get it of my chest. So here goes.

Firstly exams, timetables and tutorials – in fact this section can be entitled ‘my universities sheer incompetence‘. For those of you who have followed my blog you will have known that my uni canceled my exam that was due to take place on the 11th due to a few snowflakes laying on the ground. Now, most this seems like a dream come true; extra time for revision – however I had prepared for it and wanted to get it all out-of-the-way. Not to mention what do students do that booked a holiday after their allocated exams, only to find the exam being rearranged into it? The same said university was meant to allow us students to book our tutorial groups this week – however didn’t (no surprise) and has even hinted at a possibility of changing the timetables! Just a brief bit of background info for those who don’t attend the same uni as me; when we returned to university this year we received our timetables literally as we were walking back onto the campus, which for me doesn’t cause too many problems, however for those who have part-time jobs and children find care for, it does. Anyway getting back on track the tutorial booking system didn’t go back online – causing major issues I am not only booking a place for me, but for my group of friends so we are in on the same class ect ect. So having devoted the past entire week to watching the internet to see when the system comes online to ensure that we get our places – now find that it wont be online till next week. GARRRRRHHHHH. Being a student rep for said uni I find myself well-informed of what is going on as I have contacts within the school and SU which I can get information from, however the lack of communication means that most of the time messages are not being delivered centrally from uni and given through word of mouth.

Ok ‘university sheer incompetence‘ over, lets move on to ‘technical incompetence‘. Now this I fully understand is no-ones fault (well the cause isnt anyway) and these things just happen but it is very annoying when it does. The superdrive (DVD Drive) in my MacbookPro has failed – given up – gone to a better place – what ever you want call it. For those who are unfamiliar with the way the Apple warranty system works it works on this basis. With every Mac product you get a one year warranty (as you would expect for your statutory rights), if you want technical support included over phone and the warranty to be extended to three years you can buy AppleCare. This will set you back about £230 for a MacbookPro – however is worth it (and yes I know you can buy it at time of purchasing the mac and get it for less – but thats a whole different rant). So I ring up AppleCare this morning to inform them of the problem thinking that it may well a physical fault with the drive. In summary my computer refused to burn disks at anything above 2x speed. Being computer literate I had already tried different makes of disk, burning data from different locations and with different burning programs. So it could be firmware or hardware. What I didn’t realize is just like raising a child there is an initial outlay which you expect, and are somewhat happy to pay – however then you have to pay ‘top-up’ fees of 20p a min to actually get any benefit from it!  So ultimately have the problem confirmed and to be told that it needs to be repaired cost me an additional £5.20 in phone bills! The conversation went like this, me being in green, AppleCare being in pink.

Thankyou for calling AppleCare all are advisors are busy – we anticipate that a technician will be available in 5 minutes or less” Great ive not even got through and its cost me £1. Five minutes later

Thankyou for calling Apple, please can you confirm all your details including your blood group, inside leg measurement and nature of the problem” Ok I perhaps exaggerate some points there.

The problem is that it my superdrive wont burn above 2x, ive tried different software and disk makes – I think its hardware related” Thinking that if I explain to them whats going on the call will be short and sweet and ultimately answer my primary question; If I take it to an Apple shop can they repair it the same day?

Well Jonathan, what you need to do is this – that and the other” which I did then my drive wouldn’t burn at all – not even at 2x speed

Yeh I can confirm you have a problem with the drive” I look at the clock on my phone £4.80 for you to confirm that I have a problem – I KNEW THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!

What your gonna have to do is take it in for a repair” Needless to say it ended with them not being able to confirm if they could carry out the repair while I wait or indeed if I can keep my laptop.

I know ive classed that as a ‘technical’ incompetence where it isn’t really. Faults happen with technology – I fully accept that. However what I do have a problem with is paying over £200 for extra ‘service’ and then being charged once again for accessing it. Tomorrows joy will be attending my Genius appointment at the Apple Store in the Arndale Center. If I walk out of the shop with my Mac repaired I shall be ecstatic. If I walk out of the shop being told they will order the parts, I can keep my mac and return for them to repair it same day when the parts arrive; I will be ecstatic. If I walk out of the shop being told that I have to surrender my Mac and without a replacement I shall have steam coming out of my ears – and if this happens I apologies in advance for the foul use of language on my Twitter stream. So watch this space.

Ok, so maybe this isnt me just yet. But if tomorrow doesnt go well I may well have to give it a try!

Ok, so maybe this isnt me just yet. But if tomorrow doesnt go well I may well have to give it a try!