Macbook Pro Status: Fixed, Customer Status: Very Satisfied

Today was the day, the day of judgment, the day where Apples customer service would be put to the test. Being a keen listener of Mac podcasts I have heard hundreds of raving reviews of how when a problem arose Apple did everything they could, bending over backwards to ensure that the problem was solved to the satisfaction of the customer.

Spending the majority of my student loan in the Apple store I can certainly say that customer service, when spending money, is top-notch. Recommending the right product, and insuring that you always walk out of the store with what you need (and in my case more than that – but thats through my own desire to be surrounded by silver technology). So they were helpful when it came to me spending money, now it was time to experience Apple CS first hand when something had gone wrong.

Just to recap, a couple of days ago my Superdrive failed, and in order to get it repaired ‘instantly’ (which I did as I was in middle of exam season) I needed ProCare which I purchased. (Click here to read full blog)

As promised I received a phone call mid-morning informing me that my part had arrived, been allocated and what time would be best for me to pop in. Even though their was no spare genius appointment for the time which I specified this was no problem, a gentle reminder that I was a ProCare member and my appointment at three was arranged.

Most of the people I know are late, constantly – not me. I arrived at the Apple store at half-two expecting a short wait; which didn’t bother me as it gave me time to inspect the new silver things that Apple had in stock, and just waiting to be purchased. I never got this opportunity, as the minute I walked through the door I was greeted by the same guy that sold me the ProCare, he whisked me on to a seat in-front of the Genius (a full 30 min early) who dropped everything to check my mac in. The usual forms were signed saying that if my data needed to be wiped Apple would not be held liable, with small talk being made about how long it would take to repair. A quick phone call upstairs and I was told to grab a cup of coffee and ill get a ring when its done “It should take about an hour” I was told, perfect.

I walked out of the Apple store and headed in the direction of the nearest Starbucks, placed my order and began to listen to the latest iPhone Alley podcast. Halfway through the show my phone rang; “Mr Isaacs, just a quick call to let you know that your Mac is ready for collection” looking down at my watch it had been 28 minutes – I hadn’t even finished my coffee!

Running back to the Apple store I found the genius waiting for me, my Macbook Pro in hand. “Superdrive replaced and tested, there is even a blank disk in it now so that you can verify it yourself” Literally I was speechless, I found myself saying “you guys rock” over and over again, it was like I was in a dream. The dream was slightly disturbed as I envisioned myself with a Windows machine in PC-World and boy was the CS different, but then within a blink I was back in reality in an Apple store with my Mac.

The disk burnt as it should, no errors, and at advertised speed – all was well. My Mac had been out of my hands for less than an hour as I hoped for and I could now return home to revise.

On the bus home I reflected on this whole experience. Yes I had to pay for ProCare to get my Mac returned to me in under an hour – but that was something which I wanted and as a result had to pay for. If I was a Windows user having this speed of turn-around wouldn’t have been an option; free or paid for, and even if it was paid for – it wouldn’t cover three machines for a full 12 months; something which ProCare does.

My experience dealing with Apple over the last few days has been a walk in the park. Never have I been told that I was doing something wrong, or that this was somehow my fault. Every Apple employee had been accommodating and tried their hardest to ensure that I left a happy customer. Well employees of the Apple Store, Manchester Arndale – you have done yourself proud, and confirmed once again the reasons why I choose Apple!

This is where the magic happened, the Apple Store -Manchester Arndale

This is where the magic happened, the Apple Store -Manchester Arndale