I Dreamed A Dream

Quite a weird post today, as even whilst writing this I am a little confused as to why I dreamt what I dreamt; with that today’s post takes the form of a plea for help, so if you are good at interpreting dreams (or have had a similar one recently) please add your comments below.

As with most of my unusual dreams, last night they appeared in twos; and whist slightly disturbed during their showing in my head, having awoken I can categorically say that there is no lasting damage done.

The first one is quite plausible in todays world (well the first part is). I went to the cinema so see Avitar on a Wednesday, paid for my tickets however the moment I handed over the cash the cinema lost all of its lights, a power cut if you will. Using my phone as a torch I found the cinema I was in, and entered a form of spaceship like platform to which I looked down on to the screen. To top this weird dream off the people I were meant to be watching got lost, or just didn’t turn up – what ever the reason I didn’t find out. POI, I have not see Avitar, not do I go to the cinema on Wednesdays or indeed go to a complex that resembles the star-ship enterprise.

My second dream took more of a disturbed path, and was probably influenced by the episode of 24 which I watched before I went to bed. In the scene from 24 an FBI agent locked a terrorists hand in a vice and using an angle grinder took off his hand to remove a tracker. My dream was similar, however my hand was anesthetized so I couldn’t feel a thing, but as I looked on my hand was attacked with a scalpel. From what I can remember, only three incisions were made; however they were quite long and took the shape of a wiggly line. POI, I have never had contact with the FBI or been attacked with a knife.

So thats it really, very unusual nights worth of events, if you can interpret them what so ever please leave your thoughts below.

Usually I have a nights sleep dream free, however something was different last night.

Usually I have a nights sleep dream free, however something was different last night.