Valentine’s Day – A Day Invented By Clintons Cards & Hallmark 1

No, it’s not because im bitter, it’s because im a realist. If you reading this post sent a Valentine’s card did you do it because you know the meaning behind Valentine’s day; or did you do it because you daren’t think of what would happen if a card from your other half greeted you on the breakfast table in the morning, with a comment such as “Happy Valentine’s day dear” closely in toe.

Your responses at that point are limited. Do you go with the honesty approach; “I don’t need a day in the calendar to tell you that I love you, I tell you every day, and besides it’s so commercial now anyway”. Or do you go with the ‘extension of the truth’; “Honestly – I forgot to get you a card, I was so busy trying to organize a meal at the most expensive restaurant in town for you, the card just slipped my mind” Then of course rushing towards the nearest phone and bribing the restaurant manager to pay double so that you get a reservation and peace remains.

The sad thing is that this year more than ever, people have been resistant to purchase a card. Openly saying to friends and family that it’s a commercial day, enhanced by Clinton’s & Hallmark offering teddy bears, flowers, balloons, badges (the list goes on) trying to separate you from your cash, and make you think that if your wife has got you a card, you need to get her a card, some flowers and a nice romantic meal for two.

Singletons on this day, may appear to be rather lonesome. Well at least that would be the comment passed by anyone who is ‘jealous’ by the fact that they don’t have to partake in the bureaucratic, almost dictatorship like festival; and being robbed half a weeks wages in the process to keep their partner happy. Singletons are amongst the most happy people in the world on February 14th, more arguments happen on Valentines Day, there are more tears on Valentines Day, and more divorces are announced on Valentines Day than any other day.

So if you are celebrating Valentines day, the best gift you can get yourself is a box of tissues, some body amour and the best divorce lawyer money can buy!

  • I never bought a card on the thought that my other half would be mad at me or anything because I know she knows a card or not we love each other as much as we possibly can. Today doesn’t prove it anymore but it would of been a special day for us both as we’ve been together 3 months this week and it’s over first valentine’s together.

    We will be doing something special next month when we see each other I can’t wait. 🙂 We got each other a card and wrote something meaningful in them to each other. It always makes it that bit easier with the distance between us…

    People who pull all the stops on this day purely to impress aren’t doing the write thing as it’s not about the most money you can spend on someone. It’s about how much you love them!