Magic Mouse – Made Magic – MagicPrefs 2

I have been using my Apple Magic Mouse for almost 6 months now and can honestly say that it is the best mouse I have ever used; there are no balls to get clogged up with dirt, it fits in the palm of your hand, and of course fits in perfectly with my suit of Apple branded tech.

The only criticism that I had was the lack of side buttons, which I had used to activate Exposé, however in typical Mac developers style, no sooner had the Magic Mouse been released that a free program, BetterTouchTool found itself installed onto my mac, which worked very well indeed. (See full blog posts/review here). The lack of multi-touch support for the Magic Mouse was a feature which I think Apple, should have themselves thought of, and perhaps built-in this feature into OSX.

BetterTouchTool did all that I required, it worked perfectly replacing the two buttons with any gesture which I could think of, however it didn’t feel like a mac app, or indeed utilize all features of the multi-touch technology that had been built into the Magic Mouse.

Casually glimpsing through my twitter stream I saw MagicPrefs mentioned – and thought that I would give it a try. As the name suggests it installs very easily as a preference pane and looks beautifully ‘mac like’. The first bit of ‘eye candy’ I would like to point out is the real-time graphical display. I’ll be the first to admit, I see very little use to see your fingers move around the mouse, however it is cool to see the multi-touch in action.

Putting lovely looking features to one side, and concentrating on functionality, MagicPrefs allows the easy customization of not only clicks and taps, but swipes, drags and pinches. The beauty of this is that the movement on the surface of the mouse can be customised to virtually any action thinkable, meaning that rather than assigning keyboard shortcuts, MagicPrefs gives you over 20 different touch based shortcuts that can be activated simply by touching your mouse.


So to sum up, this is an amazing piece of freeware which, in my opinion stands head and shoulders above BetterTouchTool. If you have a Magic Mouse, and have used BetterTouchTool, or have a Magic Mouse and not used BetterTouchTool, give MagicPrefs a try, you will not be disappointed.

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