iBought An iPad 10

Looking Back:
Today couldn’t have come fast enough, and the saying that good things come to those who wait is true; as I have waited and now something good has come – iPad pre-order day!

My thoughts on the iPad have changed dramatically since it was announced on the 27th January 2010. At first I thought it was an Obese iPhone, something that I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole and was a waste of anyone’s money. A couple of days later it hit me; everyone was right – it was a large iPhone, and what was wrong with that? Since purchasing an iPhone the use of my Macbook Pro has declined, and thought that if the iPhone screen was bigger I would be a very happy chappy; enter the iPad.

My hopes were bruised during April, as international release was delayed by a month due to the success in the US; however on the upside I got to play with one – even if that caused me to want one even more.

Model Chosen:
I previously expressed an interest in the 64gb WiFi model, as I couldn’t foresee any situation where I wouldn’t be in the vicinity of WiFi. Home and University is covered by WiFi and for those moments where I would be ‘out and about’ I purchased a MiFi to insure that I was always connected to the internet.

Capacity wise I would have always purchased the largest size I could afford, mainly to future-proof myself. My media collection is growing day by day, and with the development and creation of applications there is simply no way of knowing the size of such applications, or indeed the files created/edited within them.

This changed last night. I was sad enthusiastic enough to be awake when the Apple store went ‘offline’ and awoke within a few minutes of it returning ‘online’. Even thought I knew of the prices of models, the reality of the £100 difference set in.  I had read a few blog posts/tweets of those who had purchased both the WiFi then 3G models in the USA, and even though they to had the use of a MiFi, this had been forgotten or it was simply cheaper to purchase a days worth of internet access on the iPad, rather than a months worth of data through the MiFi provider. It is true that the 3G model also has AGPS, however I don’t see this being a feature that I would need or indeed use that often.

I therefore decided for the sake of £100, and for further future-proofing to purchase the 64gb 3G model.

Data Plans:
By deciding to purchase the 3G model I had yet a further decision to make, which network provider to choose. As previously mentioned I have a MiFi, and am around WiFi 99% of the time. The only reason I would want to use the 3G is if I had forgotten my MiFi or the coverage/speed of the MiFi was unacceptable.

I therefore foresee my needs of data to be on a ‘daily basis’.  Looking at the plans available, O2 offers the best daily allowance of 500mb for £2 – which will more than fulfill my requirements. O2 are also the only network where activation of the 3G can take place within the iPad, other networks require a call to the provider – something which I simply can do without. I want to be able to activate my data plan as and when I require from the iPad, not having to place a call in to customer service having selected options 3, 2 and 7. Something which at the moment O2 is the only carrier which does.

Looking at the data plans, O2 is the best provider for me. However why would anyone choose Vodafone?

Looking at the data plans, O2 is the best provider for me. However why would anyone choose Vodafone?

Looking at the data plans above I cant help but think what were Vodafone thinking? Vodafone offer 5gb for £25 per month, however Orange for the same price will give you double the data allowance and unlimited WiFi browsing with BT Openzone! If you spend £10 per month, Vodafone will give you 250mb of data, whereas O2 will give you 1gb; four times the amount. As these are pay as you go services, and with each micro-sim costing 20p there is no real reason in my opinion, to opt for the Vodafone carrier. Are there any you can think of?

Purchasing The Device:
Having chosen my model the next step was to actually place an order. Being a student I assumed that I would receive student discount as I have done on all my other Apple products. A quick call to the Education Store corrected me and informed me that student discount is not available on the iPad.

All was not lost, being a keen collector of Nectar Points, I ordered my iPad through the online Nectar store, with the reward of 4 points per pound spent. I will subsequently exchange these points at Sainsburys for a £10 iTunes vouchers to allow me to kit out my iPad with several Apps.

If you are a collector of Nectar points click here to order your iPad through the Nectar store and collect points.

Every iPad needs to be loved and taken care of, and my ‘baby’ will be no different. I therefore decided to purchase the Apple iPad case to insure that from day one it was kept nice and warm. I will however be keeping my eye open for a designer case when more become available; and hope that either Ted Baker, or Paul Smith design one to my liking.

Don McAllister from Screencasts Online had purchased both the case and iPad dock, something which I was considering. However Don pointed out that the dock could not be used with the case, and that due to the long battery life his iPad didn’t spend much time docked at all. I therefore decided against the purchasing of the dock, after all if I do need it at a later date I can always purchase one.

Looking Forward:
My order has been placed and I cant wait for the 28th to arrive. I shall of course be creating a ‘count down’ calendar as I did with my iPhone. However according to my twitter followers it would be rather sad for me to print out and frame my order confirmation email.

I have been told by my twitter followers that its very sad if I framed the order confirmation; however I have printed it out and placed it on my wall.

I have been told by my twitter followers that its very sad if I framed the order confirmation; however I have printed it out and placed it on my wall.