With Apple coming to an end of providing us with gadgets that we didn’t know we needed, what possible devices could they produce next? It goes without saying that each year (or even bi-yearly) we will see revamped Mac’s, iPod’s, iPad’s and MacBook’s, however Apple is one technology company that constantly wishes to dip its toes into the technology market of others, and I hope that they dip their toes into this one.

As I was reading my twitter feed last night I came across a tweet from my good online tech buddy Joe Cook. He had posted a photo onto his tumbler blog of the iWatch which I have copied below.

This is exactly the kind of watch which I would purchase in an instance!

This is exactly the kind of watch which I would purchase in an instance!

Before I continue with this post, I am unaware of which company produced this prototype or which website this photo came off, however if either company wish to contact me I will be more than happy to credit the design.

The iWatch, a device that Apple may very well look at in the future. The reason why I say this is because all media and technology bases are covered with Apple products; from computers to music players, from phones to TV Media players. Its true that there may be a need of a device which am unaware of, and that could very well feature in the upcoming years, however I believe that Apple’s stance for the future will be to revamp current gadgets, just in the same manner that the iPod revamped listening to music.

Features which the concept shows are a built in projector and bluetooth, however internet would almost certainly be included; and knowing Apple music/movies/photos would also be available.

To use Steve Jobs slogan “Isnt that cool?”