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DRM – Digital Right Management, the copy protection that prevents unauthorised copying of digital media which will later be sold or shared on peer-to-peer networks.

DRM – Digital Rights Management, the copy protection that prevents people from using their purchased digital media on devices which they choose, how they choose. The protection that encourages people to search for DRM free version so that they can use their media on all their devices without problems.

Which definition of DRM do you think is true? Personally I am in two minds, DRM does prevent the unauthorised sharing and reselling by the opportunist ‘hacker’, however when I purchase a DVD, music track or audio book – I want to be able to put my copy of said media on my devices. I do not want to purchase a separate copy for each device.

First a few point of legality, please check copy protection laws in your country before proceeding, some countries may allow the ‘backup’ of your digital media, others may prohibit all forms of circumventing DRM.

DRM has become less of an issue since the iTunes eco-system has increased, as all of my media has been purchased and played on iTunes compatible devices. If I wanted to play a music track which I had purchased on iTunes on a non Apple device I would copy it using either WireTap Studio, or FairGame; however the problem with AudioBooks has been more difficult.

Audio books can be purchased from many online stores, including iTunes and Audible. Whilst it is possible for iTunes on the Mac (or PC) to have several Audible accounts associated with your media, iPods and iPhones are only able to accept media from up to two Audible accounts; meaning that any media purchased with subsequent accounts will not be able to be copied across to your media player and played. Another problem which could exist is if you have a large collection of Audible .aa books and have moved over to an .mp3 player which will only accept .mp3 files.

Up until a few days ago I thought that my only option would be to re-purchase my audio books in either .mp3 format, or via the iTunes store which would then allow my iPhone and iPod to have copies synced.

Then I stumbled across Audio Book Converter by Macsome, and all my problems were solved!

Audio Book Converter allows copying of any book that can be played in iTunes; including Audible .aa books at 5x speed to either .mp3 or .aac formats. The process of converting books is a simple one, simply load the program, click add and convert, that’s it.

To strip the DRM off your .aa files all that is involved is clicking 'add' and 'convert'

To strip the DRM off your .aa files all that is involved is clicking ‘add’ and ‘convert’

iTunes then launches in the background and plays the book at 5x whist Audio Book Converter captures the output. If .aac is selected for the output format, chapters can be retained. All that is then required is to drop the file into iTunes (or media manager of your choice) and sync to your devices. Problem solved.

There are many forums online asking how DRM can be removed from Audible books to solve the problems which I described above. Audio Book Converter is available for $34.95 which is a bargain, especially compared to re-purchasing your audio book collection. The software is a dream to use, stripping out DRM in a matter of minutes and clicks with the minimum of fuss. A free trial is available converting the first 3 minutes of each book, allowing you to see how simple it really is.

An AMAZING piece of software that allows you to use your purchased audio books on your devices, five stars for ease of use and five stars for function. It’s just a shame that such programs are needed to allow you to use your purchased media on your devices.

An amazing piece of software, worth every penny, and definitely worth a look at if you have the same DRM issues.

An amazing piece of software, worth every penny, and definitely worth a look at if you have the same DRM issues.

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