Why I Am An Apple Fanboy

Following my posts both on the excellent customer service from TNT, and the appalling customer service from Virgin Media, I thought it were only fair that I explained what I based all my expectations on. In my opinion there is one company that fulfills all of my needs in the commercial world; and that company is of course Apple.

When investing in any product or company there are three things which are important to me, the three P’s; Product, People and Post-sale-support.

The most important thing to me is of course the product, as if they are not offering a product which interests me why would I even consider investing any of my money into one of their services or products? In the case of Apple, their products are simple, elegant and always fulfill a need that I have, or one that I am unaware exists. I have never regretted purchasing a product from Apple, and have always recommended my purchases to friends and family.

The second most important thing are the people who sell the product to you. During the summer I work for a very successful company, and I’m aware of the importance of knowing what the customers needs are, to insure that they are sold the right product. In the case of Apple, the sales staff in their store are highly informed about the products they sell, and unlike most sales people, they don’t work on commission, and performance isn’t measured by the number of sales they make. This means that they try to insure that you get the right product you need, even if it’s not one of theirs. They make you feel to be buying into the Apple ‘family’ rather than just a corporate identity.

Finally the third most important factor is post-sale-support. Customer service is vital. I don’t want to be paying to ring up the company, I want either a local rate or free phone number. I want to speak to someone in the UK who answers the phone within a couple of rings and has the authority to help me. If post-sale-support is non-existent, how do you feel? Personally I feel as if they have taken my money and run, with Apple this is not the case. Customer service is top-notch, and they look after you beyond the life of your product. With them you are not just a customer, you are a member of their family, one that always gives you a warm welcome when you meet.

By fulfilling the three P's, Apple is miles head of any other company in all fields.

By fulfilling the three P’s, Apple is miles head of any other company in all fields.