Back To Work 1

The time has come where I return to work for the summer holidays. Working during the summer fills two goals; firstly it allows me to get out of the house and get a break from my family (as well as give them a break from me). Secondly it allows me to top up my bank balance for both the university year to come, as well as for the latest Apple gadget announcement.

I work for a company in Leeds which provides vehicle tracking services, as well as software development with a fantastic team of coworkers and for an amazing boss. There are very few people my age who choose to get up at 7:00 in the morning when they are on holiday, but I do, and I do it because I enjoy what I do. My roles at work vary dramatically; I have been the PA to the Managing Director, worked in IT, research and on reception.

Working in such a demanding industry requires a huge amount of dedication and focus, meaning that during the working week, and working hours (9-5) my online presence will significantly reduced. I will have access to my personal email and Twitter, however it is highly unlikely that you will get a personal response during office hours. During my break I will reply to as many @replies as possible, and all emails, so bare with me and I can guarantee that all tweets and emails will be replied to within a 48 hour period.

I would like to take this chance to thank you; those who read my blog, and those who follow me on Twitter for your continued support and contribution to my online life. I hope that you appreciate my reasons for reducing my online presence for the next couple of months, however I can assure you that after hours and during the weekend I will be back to my normal tweeting/blogging self.


I ho, I ho, its back to work I go

I ho, I ho, its back to work I go