You Never Get What You Deserve 1

It has been a couple of weeks since I last blogged which is the result of the Christmas holidays being more of a break for revision than a break for relaxation. It however given me the chance to make several observations of the world, observations that I would like to let steam off bring to your attention; you never get what you deserve.

Life can be divided up into three main areas; work, love and relaxation. Each shall be looked at in turn demonstrating that no matter how much effort you put in, usually you don’t get back what you deserve.

The most common area of life, and what the majority of us spend doing is work. From an early age we enter into school life and the joy of assessments. Almost everyone reading this post will remember how little fun exam season brought; studying all hours of the day, writing and rewriting notes and completing past exam questions – for most it was the bane of their lives; but not for all. We all know the person who was ‘academically gifted’, who didn’t turn up to, or payed no attention in class and did no revision. They were the teachers favourite, for the simple reason that they brought their grade average up. The majority of students who worked hard did do well, however not nearly as well as those who didn’t. Personally I found it infuriating to be around people who could get A’s by being absent; however we were told ‘you get out of life what you put in so just knuckle down’.

Love can be best analysed by observing the world through watching day time chat shows, reading the papers. I fully understand that these views are tinted to make good entertainment, however there is an element of truth contained. The number of times lie detecter results have given grounds for the breaking up of a relationship only for the victim to claim ‘im sure s/he wont do it again’ or my personal favourite ‘I love them’. Not having a psychology degree I cant comment on it professionally, however from the point of an outside viewer it is clear that the victim has been conditioned to ‘need’ the support of his/her other half, making it hard for them to leave. If good things come to those who wait, and you get what you deserve, why are there so many violent relationships, or relationships that have one party cheating? Surely these people who are treated sub-standardly deserve the same love and respect that they give their violent other half?

Finally, relaxation. Now this is perhaps one of the hardest areas of life to analyse, for the simple reason that we naturally gravitate towards hobbies that we are good at. So perhaps this is the one area where that as we have power influence over, we do get what you deserve.

What can be done about all of this? The only person we have influence is ourselves. I have found that by understanding that there will always be people who seem to skip through life is a good motivator, for one reason; it makes you stronger. Those who never worked at school or in employment don’t know the satisfaction of getting a well deserved grade, or completing their first project. Without the knowledge and experience of becoming 2nd occasionally, they will be unequipped with the skills necessary to rectify their first significant mistake, something that could prove very costly.

I was never the best student, I studied/study hard at university and put all the effort I had at work. Am I currently number one, no, having lost occasionally on all three fronts do I have the skills to become number one; yes. Being number one isn’t about always winning, its about knowing what to do when you lose. For that reason, by not getting what you deserve you will be a stronger person than those who always do.

Even Though We May Not Always Get What We Deserve, It Does Make Us Harder, Better, Faster & Stronger

Even Though We May Not Always Get What We Deserve, It Does Make Us Harder, Better, Faster & Stronger