Daily Archives: 18/06/2011

The Point Of This Tumblr Blog

As some of you will know, this summer I will be taking my first holiday of many years to Canada/USA with my family. Not only did I want to document my time there, I wanted to fill friends and family in of what I was doing, with photographs, videos and the occasional ‘blog style’ account. I do have a WordPress blog, however this can not be integrated into my website easily, what I wanted was something had an iPhone/iPad app and would integrate into my current website – meaning that I only need to give users one address. Tumblr provided all of this. This Tumblr blog will be used only for my trip the USA (and any future holidays), so if you want to get in touch outside you can do so by the following ways. Website Blog Tumblr (Non Travel) Twitter Thats about it really, I hope you enjoy following my trip, as I will no doubt enjoy taking it.