Mobee Magic Charger For Apple’s Magic Mouse

It has been quite some time now since I have actually done a review on a physical product, which is down to two main factors; firstly I have been revising for my exams or at work so haven’t had the time, secondly as a student, my gadget budget has dwindled away.

Many people own Apple’s Magic Mouse, and the owners of these may be either PC users, or like myself Apple fan boys who simply have to have the new Apple kit to match their existing setup. I fall into the latter. So much so that I purchased the Magic Mouse as soon as one became available in my local Apple Store in Manchester.

I instantly fell in love; its slim, its smooth and its responsive. The only downside is that it eats through batteries at an astonishing rate, and I mean astonishing. Being an economical student, I have plenty of rechargeable batteries which I use for my Apple Wireless Keyboard, Flashgun and other general gadgets.

Normally replacing rechargeable batteries is not a chore, you take them out, and put new ones in after you have used the device in question. I dont have a problem with doing this for my flashgun, or other gadgets as I only use them once in a blue moon. However I found myself changing the batteries in my Magic Mouse at least once a week – if not more often. If anyone knows why the Magic Mouse uses so much juice please do let me know as it is a mystery to me, but I do know im not the only one with this issue.

There were several options available to me. Firstly, Apple sell some lovely batteries which they claim to last longer than standard rechargeable ones in their Magic Mouse, even if these claims are true, I would still end up playing the ‘see how long you can last’ game when the low battery warning comes on screen. The second option would be to get a wired mouse. Well this wasnt really an option as I cant stand tugging at the mouse to get the cable through, and whilst the Mighty Mouse (which is still being sold) was fantastic, the roller ball did get clogged up quite quickly, a problem that doesn’t exist with the Magic Mouse (as there is no ball). What I wanted was to keep my mouse, have the batteries charged up each night or every couple of days, so that I never have to worry about them running flat.

The student budget wouldnt quite stretch to a butler or servant to do this for me, so instead I had to look for another solution. A couple of months ago a review popped up on my RSS reader for the Mobee Magic Charger – it looked like a fantastic piece of kit, and would solve every one of my needs, however I hadnt had the guts to order it.

In short the kit comes in two pieces, the first is a battery pack that replaces the batteries and battery cover in the magic mouse. The second bit is a charging bed; when the charging pack (that is now attached to the mouse) is placed on the bed, it charges through induction technology (the same used to charge electric toothbrushes). This means that you dont need to take batteries out or put them in, all you need to do is put the mouse on its bed before you go to sleep.

Amazon (link to product page on Amazon) were selling the kit for £42.19 which on the outlook is quite expensive for batteries and convenience, however it was a price I was willing to pay. So I ordered mine on Sunday night; it arrive today (Tuesday – well done Amazon and Royal Mail).

Sitting with technology in an unopen box at work is a method of torture that is used in some countries, however I can only give in to it. So I opened the very Apple’esk packaging to reveal the charging base and the battery pack. With no magic mouse at work I plugged in the base to my work PC using the supplied USB cable, placed the battery pack on it, to see the red light turn to a green flashing one to indicate charging.

Within a couple of hours the flashing green light had stopped flashing to indicate that the pack was fully charged. Upon getting home I removed the cover from my Magic Mouse, took out the batteries and snapped the Mobee battery pack into place. It worked first time, battery level was indicating 100%.

Yes this is the first day that I have been in possession of my Mobee Charger, and it probably is subject to a honeymoon period, however the idea of putting my mouse to bed when I go to bed, and not worrying about charging the batteries is one that I dont think I will ever tire from. This is one of the products that you don’t think about having, you only notice not having it. The very fact that I will never have to replace the batteries again in my mouse only occurs to me when thinking about it, I will now grow to think that my magic mouse batteries will always be full, as standard.

To sum up, the Mobee Magic Charger for Apple’s Magic Mouse, its well packaged, does what it says on the box, looks fantastic (so much so that it looks like it was designed by Apple), and removes the chore of having to replace batteries. Mobee also do an induction charger for the Wireless Keyboard (link to product), however as the batteries only need replacing once every month or so, I cant really justify the £52.99 price tag just yet.

Very Apple'esk Design, Wonderful Product, Would Highly Recommend To Any Magic Mouse Owner

Very Apple’esk Design, Wonderful Product, Would Highly Recommend To Any Magic Mouse Owner