We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday

Something special is happening tomorrow, I am about to take my first holiday in about 4 years. The last holiday I took was to Portugal; this year we have coupled our last family holiday, together with my graduation holiday, and my parents silver wedding anniversary holiday – and decided to do something special.

Tomorrow, we board a flight in London Heathrow, and fly to Toronto, before travelling down to New York and finally resting in Miami for a week. The whole holiday is scheduled to last just under three weeks, provided there is no ash cloud to hinder our return.

I have set up a holiday website that I will hopefully upload photos to and blog posts to, internet connectivity permitting. Wifi will be in the vila in Miami, however I hope to purchase a data plan upon arrival/shortly after for my iPad and iPhone rather than pay international roaming charges, to allow easy updating of my site, and twitter.

Anyway, all that leaves me to say is that if you are going away for the summer, I hope you have an enjoyable holiday, and that I will reply to all emails upon my return.

We're All Going On Summer Holiday - Canada & USA

We’re All Going On Summer Holiday – Canada & USA