Day 2

Second day in Canada, and it’s been filled with big things. Big breakfast, big tours, big building, big walks and big dinner.

The first big thing was the breakfast. Luckily we are right next door to a fantastic vegetarian restaurant which serves the most amazing food, breakfast was eggs, hash browns and toast – YUMMMM!

We then put on our shoes and went on a big walk, we were hunting for the Hippo, not just any Hippo, a tour bus Harry Hippo. This hippo tour bus traveled around the city showing us the sites, then transformed into a boat and took us on the lake!

Then it was CN Tower time. I found out that ‘CN’ stands for Canada National, and it certainly is something for the Canadians to be proud of. The view was amazing, you could see tens of miles. According to the literature, on a good day you can see over 120km, which is the distance between Leeds and Manchester!

After CN Tower we walked back to the hotel, and I had a swim in the hotel pool, and returned to our Vegetarian restaurant. In the evening they weigh your food and charge you based on the weight. To say that the food was fantastic would be an understatement. There was everything you could want, including a ‘non-meat-ball’ which was yummy. Desert also followed the same system, only it was a lot harder to restrain the urge to pile your plate as high as the CN Tower with this course.

Tomorrow our plans are to have a look around the Caribbean festival that is taking place this weekend – which should be interesting.

Anyway I’m off to sleep now as I’m shattered!