Day 10

Today has been a relaxing day. True to my word I was up at 2:10 and in Time Square by 2:30 to take some photographs. Even though it was early in the morning there were still hundred of people around, however there was more room for me to manoeuvre a tripod and get the shots which I wanted. I was kindly assorted by David (who is know known as SatNav – as he is very good at navigating), most of my shots require editing as I shot for HDR, however I will post the best non-HDR shot after this post for you to see.

We had a lie in and had lunch in Central Park. In the busiest city in the world there are still miles and miles of greenery. It really was a spectacular sight to see.

To finish up the day we went to the Rockerfella Centre (which has free wifi – hence I’m blogging now) however it’s currently pouring down. I hope it brightens up as I would love a couple of HDR panoramas of the skyline – fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is my last day in NYC before we fly to Miami – and yes I will be visiting my Mecca; the Apple Store 🙂

Time Square at night

Time Square at night