Daily Archives: 08/08/2011

Day 12

What a day!!! We first woke up at 4:30 to get to JFK for our flight to our villa in Miami. As we left the hotel we were greeted by a limo. It was so nice to see the city in style, before our flight. The flight was uneventful – oh how that was about to changed. We checked into our villa, it’s lovely, the pool is big, the rooms are huge ad we have a lovely american fridge freezer with ice dispenser. After a two hour trip I needed the loo. Normally I wouldn’t blog this, however as I got up to flush the loo, something stared back at me – a frog. I wouldn’t mind much, as normally I love frogs. However the thought of it watching me and being so close to me is just eeeewwwwwww. Anyway we are now off to get some food, the villa doesn’t have wifi, just cable Internet (and non of us have Ethernet on our tech) so I’m blogging now. Hopefully we will have that sorted soon tho 🙂

Day 11

Well, today was a relaxing day. I stayed in the hotel until around 16:00. The plan was to go to the Apple Store, however my mum scouted it before hand, and said the glass tower was all covered up, and inside it was just like any other Apple Store – so it wouldn’t be worth going. After that we went to Grand Central Station, it was a beautiful station, with huge amount of character. We then did a tour of the chocolate outlets; M&M’s and Hershey’s. It’s amazing how much profit they are able to add to chocolate , we are talking tens of dollars for a small bag of M&M’s. I suppose they can do as they know tourists will pay it. Sadly it’s our last night in the big apple tonight, as we are off to Miami tomorrow. We have to leave the hotel at 5:30 so going to be another early night 🙂