Day 14

Three words sum up today: Wet and wild!!!

We went on a swamp airboat, the ride out was exhilarating, and the ride back was even more so. As we are in Florida during the rainy season, on the way back we were caught in a tropical storm. To be travelling across the swamp at over 35mph in torrential rain, weaving in and out around the trees was amazing. As the rain fell so quickly it was like little pin pricks all over, however this of course meant that the camera had to stay firmly in its bag to avoid being soaked.

When we returned to shore we got to hold a baby alligator called Lucky. I don’t normally think this of reptiles (especially after the frog incident) but Lucky was very sweet indeed. For those who have not held an alligator before, its a very weird feeling indeed, and not what you would expect. I thought that it would be cold, wet and slimy – however it was the opposite of that; he was smooth and very well behaved as I held him tightly, you could even feel his heart beat.

As the weather was really rainy this afternoon, we went shopping to the glorious shopping district of WalMart. I got two t-shirts which befit my personality down to the ground; and at under $6 (£3.85) each they were a real bargain.

Evening was spent in the pool (without rain this time), and dinner was more meat.

I have had another look at the news about the riots in the UK. I have decided that I am going to hold off blogging about this on my holiday blog (as it is nothing to do with my holiday), and will not blog about it until I get back on my main blog as I will only see the tainted view that is portrayed by the american media – however needless to say, I am disgusted with what is going on, and hope that my friends and family stay safe.

As for plans for tomorrow, we are a bit unsure as everything is weather permitting, however even if its just a drive then that will be good.