Day 16

Today has been a mixed bag.

Firstly we went to a flea market, from the outside it was fascinating, lots of people coming together to sell things, like a car boot sale if you will; however when I got in, they weren’t selling the kind of things I was interesting in, such as kitchenware etc. This coupled with the fact that it was covered and not air-conditioned meant that it was very humid indeed.

We then came back home and went in the pool. We managed to get mum in, this was a success for David and I. We decided to throw so much water on her, that she was no wetter that she would have been in the pool.

For the evening we went to Naples beach to see the sunset. Considering the weather so far has been very unpredictable we were really lucky for tonight. It didn’t rain and the sky had just enough cloud to catch the light and make for spectacular shots. I have uploaded the best HDR shot below, however I think I am going to have to re-render them with Photoshop when I get back to see if I can add more detail.

Tomorrows plans are going to be played by ear weather dependent. Its not going to be too much tho, as Sunday we are going jet skiing and we need to be up early!