One Issue From Resolved, Another One Has Arisen

Following on from my post about’s customer service from couple of weeks ago. I thought that I would firstly update you on the progress of that complaint, and then inform you of a new issue that had arisen.

Problem One Update:

Firstly let me update you with the first problem I had with – me having to spend a small fortune to authorise a credit card to be used to purchase an item. It was apparent that the email I had sent wasn’t going to have the desired effect, as neither the CEO or one of his representatives emailed me back so instead decided to leave it rest for a few days then give them a ring.

Two days later (the 8/12/11) was the day where I would pick up the phone and refuse to lose. To my surprise the phone was answered within five minutes by a representative (whom we shall call Kim). She took the details of the complaint and asked what I wanted, I referred to the email which I had sent in, and explained the cost of the call (£10.20), the cost for me to remain on hold for 50 minutes (£20.83). It was clear by her tone of voice that she was ‘first line’ support and so had no authority to authorise anything, and so promptly put me on hold (for a further 4 minutes) whilst she spoke to her supervisor.

Let us call representative two Lynne; she was in my opinion the body guard for the decision makers, as she understood my complaint and stated that due to the fact that it was a very busy time of year waiting time was to be longer. I then put to her what she would consider to be an excessive wait on the phone and she declined to answer that, probably as it would have been significantly less than the amount of time I had to endure.

Realising that whilst Lynne understood my complaint however was unwilling to help was in fact getting me nowhere bar bringing on a small nosebleed I decided to ask to speak to someone else. I was put on hold for a further ten minutes waiting for supervisor three to come on, we shall call him Tim.

Tim came on the phone, and was a breath of fresh air; he had a positive tone of voice, and asked me to give him the details of the case as he wanted to be sure that he had the story ‘from the horses mouth’. Something which would have normally wound me up, however as Tim did have the basic facts this did not take long. Tim then asked for my number for him to call me back on so that I would avoid any further charges from O2.

Within a few moments of me hanging up my phone rang with Tim being on the other end, he asked me what I wanted and so referred him to my previous email. He agreed to refund me £20.40 for the cost of the phone calls, and give me a £30 credit voucher. Its true that I didn’t ask for a credit voucher in my original complaint, however the total sum of compensation was significantly higher than I asked for so on this occasion I would let it go.

Tim promptly followed this up with a confirmation email with his direct dial, informing me that rather than wait in future if there is a cue, to give him a call, something that hoped I wouldn’t have to do, but after yesterdays performance realised I would.

So problem one has been resolved.


Problem Two:

Yesterday I began to wrap my brothers present for the festive season. It was an item of clothing and whilst I ordered the correct size, the wrong size has been dispatched, and all sizes of said clothing had been removed from the website.

‘Oh great’ I thought, only a few days till the big day and a present that won’t fit, not to mention that even if I did order something it probably wouldn’t arrive – what on earth would I do?

I decided to give customer support a ring, hopefully the amount of time for them to answer the phone wouldn’t be this long this time; well it would have been if I had let it.

After the first 30 minutes I gave up and decided to ring Tim, as I rang after 6 he was out of the office and so left a voicemail, and continued for a further 15 minutes trying to get through to customer support, after which I had enough.

Rather than spend my life savings on phone calls to I sent off an email to Tim, in hope that he would receive it and give me a phone call in an attempt to put this right. If I haven’t heard from him by 12 today, I will give him a ring and see what he suggests.

As far as things go I have managed to find a present from Amazon and paid for next day delivery so it should (please g0d) arrive before the big day. For the time being I have given up on, I will be sure to update you on what the outcome was, but for now, I am not impressed to say the least!

One Problem Solved, Another One Has Cropped Up - I Wonder How This One Will Get Put Right?

One Problem Solved, Another One Has Cropped Up – I Wonder How This One Will Get Put Right?