Happy Valentines Day To You 2

Well another year has gone by and February 14th is upon us once again, and that date can only mean one thing, the dreaded Valentines day.

Personally I think the meaning is now lost, it seems to be a competition to see whom has received the most valentines day cards, for example on February 15th, what is the first question you are greeted with? “Did you receive any valentines day cards, and if so how many?” It is almost as if love has been turned into a competition.

In a world where there is so much hatred and war going on, it is nice to see that a day that celebrates love still exists, however for some it is often overshadowed because they have no-one to love.

This is where I think they are wrong!

Everyone has someone they love and whom they can wish a Happy Valentines day to. There are people who are in our lives who we may not be physically attracted to, but do love, as they have either been with us from a young age, shared special memories with or been through the same tough times.

These people you arguably love just as much as you would do (or perhaps even more so) a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, you simply love them in a different way.

Personally, I think Valentines day has been highjacked by some couples, and its time that we reclaim this day for day we can all love.

So after all of that, whom am I wishing a Happy Valentines Day to:
* My family; including Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nephews (if I have any), Nieces and Cousins.
* Manchester Metropolitan University Girlies and Ian.
* University of Salford People; in particular Harry Power, Stevie Ball and Sarah Capjon.
* My followers on Twitter
* My readers of my blog.

Happy Valentines Day To You All xxx

Happy Valentines Day To You All xxx