We’ve Landed

Well, hold your breath, we landed, not only that but we landed over 30 minutes early!

The flight was stress free (apart from when I cause the man sitting next to us to spill his water all over himself), and with fantastic kosher meals served at two intervals, it flew by.

After checking into the hotel, (which has a massive TV screen by the way) we set off to get the necessary things sorted. Subway pass was purchased. The all important data for my phone was purchased, and a new Canon 24-105 f4.0 L Series lens was purchased.

My first meal of the trip was a kosher salt beef sandwich. Well I did say I was going to eat my way round NYC.

This evening (at 18:30) we are going to go visit Time Square and Repleys Believe It Or Not, and have an early night as tomorrow we have a full day packed.

Sadly there is no free wifi in the room, however there is free wifi on the ‘promenade’ so at some point (most likely tomorrow afternoon) I will upload some photographs of the hotel room and what we’ve been upto today, oh and of course the food that I’ve eaten!

I’m going to try and post at least once everyday. So you can see what’s happening.

You can always follow me on twitter, I’m @jonathaneisaacs where I’m tweeting as often as I can 🙂

Until tomorrow, look after the UK whilst I’m away.