What a busy day!

Well well well. It’s been a busy day.

Firstly breakfast was yummy (pictures to follow shortly).

We then went on the tour bus downtown NY which was slightly different than last year as it was operated by a different company.

After that I came back to the hotel room for a nap so that I wouldn’t be too tired for Wicked.

Dinner was eaten at the Kosher restaurant that is on our street. Alas it is milk only, however we have plans to go to a meaty one tomorrow.

Wicked was well ‘wicked’ the set was amazing, the voices were incredible and the acting was better than anything Russell Brand could pull off.

As I’d not seen or heard of Wicked, it was an interesting story and took me back a few years (well more than a few actually) to when I read the Wizard of Oz.

Tomorrow is a busy day. We have the Statue of Liberty in the morning, NBC Studio Tour in the afternoon and the Empire State in the evening.

As always I’ll be tweeting so make sure you follow me 🙂

Breakfast. What a way to start the day!


Dinner, Salmon Salad, nom nom nom.


The stage of Wicked, before we were asked to put our cameras away.