From Water To Hights

Today was the day we went to see the Statue of Liberty, the weather was scorching once again, which meant that surprisingly the most cool part of our entire trip was the Subway over.

David and other family members will be proud of us, we have not get lost once! We have had a few hesitate moments whilst we get our bearings when we emerge from the station, but thats to be expected as we work out which direction we are facing.

This afternoon we went on a tour round NBC studios, and got to see inside two real life TV studios. The studios were cooled down to 50 Degrees Fahrenheit (10 Degrees Celsius) as the lights in the studios increased it to 75 Degrees Fahrenheit (21 Degrees Celsius).

We made plans to go to Kosher Delight this evening, the kosher restaurant that I had visited twice last year, however when we got there it was closed. People were saying that it had closed down. Not to worry there was a kosher pizza place which we ate at which was very nice (pictures to follow).

This evening we went to The Empire State Building. Yes I took lots of pictures, I am trying to get one full HDR panorama out of the entire NYC skyline. Well we shall see if that happens!

Thats about it really, tomorrow is a relative relaxing day, as we have Madame Tussauds in the morning, and the afternoon free to do whatever.

Breakfast (Day 2) – Just as yummy!

Lunch – nom nom nom


One of the 105” TVs at NBC, I want one!


Kosher Pizza – NYC Style!