A Lot Of Walking

Today involved a lot of walking, I went to take pictures of famous street signs (Wall Street, Broadway, Time Square, 5th Ave, Avenue of Americas and Lexington Ave) so that I can combine them into a montage at a later date.

After that, I came back to the hotel for a rest as I wanted to travel to New Jersey on the bus, as the concierge Eric had suggested that there was a fantastic view point of the NYC skyline that I wanted to get at sunset. He wasn’t wrong, it was stunning. The HDR Panoramas will need to be edited back home, but I will upload one shot after this post.

Im going to get an early night, as I want to get a photograph of the sun rising over the bridges tomorrow, which means I’m going to be up at 4, for a 5:30 sunrise – call me mad, but the photos should look great!

Miniature Cupcakes


NYC Skyline