Bridges, Bodies & Memorials

I made it, when my alarm went off at 03:50 I did have second thoughts about staying in bed, however as the thought that this is probably the last time I visit NYC for a few years (unless I have of course won the NY State lottery), that I should get up and take the photos.

The hotel manager suggested that as it was so early in the morning, getting down to the bridges would be safer by taxi, so I arrived in plenty of time. The sunrise was beautiful, and I really do think I’ve got some good shots. As with my other photos I have done HDR panorama’s so will need to edit them on my iMac back home, however I will upload one non HDR version of the Manhattan Bridge.

The tube ride back was uneventful, and I got back into bed around 06:45.

After breakfast I went to checkout the bodies exhibit. At first I thought it would disturb me seeing real life human bodies that had been preserved using rubber, but instead I found it quite interesting. Having Crohns disease, it was particularly interesting seeing parts of my body which had been talked about by my doctors in real life. Another interesting exhibit were real life embryo’s in two week stages all the way up to birth. Coming out of the exhibit, I really do believe that the creation of life, and the working of the human body is a miracle. Having so many organs working together in harmony is quite amazing.

This evenings activity was to visit the 9/11 memorial. The first free activity we have actually done since tickets can be applied for online.

It was quite a solum trip, as you realise how many innocent people lost their lives, both on the planes, in the buildings, but also those of the rescuers. The memorial is a fitting tribute to those people, and standing there looking into the pools you can’t help but think how colossal the World Trade Centre Towers were, and the panic that must have been around on 9/11.

Evening was spent walking around Time Square, picking up a few bits and pieces.

Manhattan Bridge At Sunrise


9/11 Memorial