Penultimate Day In The USA

Well it had to come sometime, the penultimate day had arrived, and typically it didn’t go to plan.

As we awoke the rain was coming down from the heavens, meaning that our speedboat trip had to be postponed till tomorrow, however all was not lost, as there is aways something to do in New York.

I had the mother of all breakfasts, consisting of pancakes, eggs, orange juice and coffee (oh and an apple strudel cake – pictures shortly) before wandering round Time Square.

This evening we went to a kosher restaurant, yes we found one that was open! I had a veal sandwich and a hotdog – pictures to follow. Thankfully they are open at 11 tomorrow, so we will have a quick bite to eat there before the plane ride home.

As checkout is at 13:00 or can be at 15:00 for an additional $50, we are going to go on the speedboat ride tomorrow morning at 10:00, giving us plenty of time to pack, have lunch and shower before heading to JFK.

We went to the Rockerfeller Center, and just like last year, it was raining when we left – boy was it raining! However when we got to the top it didn’t rain once, in fact the clouds looked amazing in the photographs, they added character and will look AMAZING once HDR’ed.

Just like last year I was blown away by the views that the Top Of The Rock offered and how much better it was from the Empire State. For a start you can see the Empire State (which you of course can’t if you are on the Empire State). Secondly there are seats, don’t get me started with the lack of seats available once you are up the Empire State. Thirdly the staff are pleasant, they are not rude, they understand that the tourists bring them their wage and are friendly. The staff at the Empire State were something else.

Therefore having been to both the Top of The Rock, and The Empire State twice if you are going to do one do the Top of The Rock – its a much more enjoyable experience.

My next text based post will probably be from the Airport before we take off to head back to the UK 🙁

NYC Skyline From Rockerfeller Centre


Empire State & Freedom Tower Construction (Taken From Rockerfeller Center)


Breakfast – Pancakes, Eggs, OJ, Coffee & Apple Strudel


Dinner – Veal Sandwich…


Dinner – …And A Hotdog