GDL Results Are Out… 1

Today my results arrived by post (don’t ask why they weren’t available online or sent by email); naturally because I was waiting for them, they took a long long time to arrive, however no sooner had I sat down to lunch the postman put them through the letter box.

Opening the envelope at first I was disappointed, the overall mark I received was 55%, a full 15% over the pass mark, however 5% below the mark I would have been happy with. You recall that I spent hours upon hours in the library, and really did put the effort in to get the 60% I set myself, however after initial opening of the envelope had passed I came to the conclusion that I should be happy with the mark I got.

Studying 7 modules of law in one year, was no easy task, and as the statistics show, I did well to make it to the end, let alone pass. I put in as much as I could, so I know although there will have to be some ‘exam post-mortem’ I know that I couldn’t have tried any harder.

September I will still do the Bar Professional Training Course, as originally planned, in an attempt to beat the odds to become a barrister. Many will say that its impossible or that I should give up, however thats not my style. Yes its going to be an uphill struggle, in-fact its probably going to be an uphill struggle with an army sergeant screaming down my ear taking place in the pouring rain; however if I don’t try I won’t know.

I am fortunate enough to be in the position where I can follow my educational dreams as far as possible, something that would not be possible without my loving parents. The Bar Professional Training Course, whilst ultimately gives you the education to follow through as a barrister, the skills gained on it are transferable into other legal roles and other jobs. So if after the five years I have not managed to secure pupillage I am sure that what I learn can transfer into one of those fields.

So although I didn’t get the mark I hoped for, which may make my path to become a lawyer more difficult, I am still 100% on the horse and not getting off any time soon!