Back From London

Well, my trip to London was on balance, amazing.

Middle Temple was, as usual, a stunning place to dine. The architecture is simply amazing. The character of the hall is something that you cant describe. The warmth of the wooden floor, surrounded by chests of past barristers is something that can be appreciated by anyone, not just those in the legal profession.

What made the trip even more enjoyable (apart from the food, that certainly¬†wasn’t diet friendly) was the company. As an education day for those baby barristers outside of London, quite a few of the people I study with at MMU went down as well.

The George, the pub across the road from the Supreme Court of Justice was often frequented by us all when on a break. It was great to spend some time with people from my course, including Grace, Steph, Andrew and Katy. An extra special mention must go to Lee, who when buying the next round was generous enough to splash out and buy a shot of Hennessy XO Cognac!

Below are a couple of pictures that were taken of the weekend, yes most of them are food. Middle Temple really do look after their students as all of it was free!