My Top Podcasts

Ever since the invention of the iPod there has been the creation of ‘Podcasts’, a sort of spoken (or in some cases) video track that can be played either on your computer or music player when you are out and about.

Just like blogging, anyone can do a podcast, and it can be on anything that takes the podcasters fancy, and they do make a change from listening to music.

As a self confessed technical geek, the majority of the podcasts which I subscribe to are (not surprisingly) technology related, however there are a few which are not. Below are a list of my favourite podcasts, in order of favouritism. As each podcast has a website where you can either listen to the podcast, download show notes or subscribe, simply click on its title to be taken to their website.


1. MacBites

This is without a doubt my favourite podcast, the one that I listen to almost the moment it is released. Unsurprisingly, as its name suggests it is Mac related, and is hosted by two fellow Mancunian’s, Elaine Giles and Mike Thomas whose comedy duo like approach to delivering the latest tech news, software reviews and recent Google ‘sun settings’ have me personally in stitches each week time it is released.

Their technology knowledge is second to non, and an episode doesn’t go by without either Elaine or Mike carrying out an ‘experiment’ or two for their listeners benefit of not what to do, including whether or not to install the latest release of Mac OS

Podcasts aside I have followed Elaine and Mike on twitter, and they have offered me advice and been an avenue for me to vent my frustration out on in my quest to become a lawyer, drawing on their own experience.

If you download and give one Mac related podcast a try, this is the one to download!


2. NosillaCast

Unlike MacBites, this podcast gives no clue as to what is is based on its name, however it is hosted by lady called Allison (which is Nosilla spelt backwards), and is a ‘Podcast with an ever so slight Macintosh bias’. The reason why it is an ever so slight bias is because the advice and topics discussed are usually computer related, not just targeted at people who own Macs.

Out of all of the podcasts I listen to, I think this is the one with the biggest listener base, and I think has had a new episode released every week without fail since its first show back in 2008. This is possible because the show contains reviews from listeners on products/software which they have found to be useful, and when Allison takes a break she finds a guest host to step in and take over.

The part of the podcast which I enjoy the most is without a doubt entitled ‘Chit Chat Across The Pond’. As Allison is in America and the ‘Chit Chat’ usually takes place with someone who is not in the USA (usually regular Bart Busschots in Ireland) the pond is the North Atlantic.

Bart appears on the show every fortnight, and when he does provides a brief overview of what is happening in ‘Security Light’ where he calls on his experience as a Sys Admin to explain to listeners the current security threats, and most importantly, what can be done to protect your computer and information from such a threat. The second segment of ‘Chit Chat Across The Pond’ can be anything from photography advice on how to shoot stars, to building a home server from scratch.

I know its very geeky, but its still one of my favourites.


3. Mac Power Users

Just like MacBites, this podcasts name describes what its about, its a podcast for Mac Power Users. Unlike other technology podcasts, no technology news or rumours are discussed, and the focus of each episode is entirely on one subject.

Favourite episodes include The Website Show explaining which are the best ways to build and maintain a website, and as a student I also found Taking Notes With Mike Rohde particularly interesting.

In my opinion its name is befitting of the things which are discussed, as some of the topics are for power users. However I would suggest if you are thinking of embarking on a project, or want to do something which you have not done before with your mac, head over to their site and search to see if they have a show on it, as both Katie Floyd and David Sparks will have some ideas for you.


4. ScreenCastsOnline

My final mac related podcast, and is one of a different variety, its a video podcast. Don McAllister has been been creating this podcast for several years now, and due to its success has even managed to turn it into a full time job.

The reason how Don has managed to turn his podcast into a full time job is because access to the majority of the shows require a subscription. Every couple of weeks Don releases a free show, however to get a new show each week you need to purchase an annual subscription.

ScreenCastsOnline as its name suggests is a podcast where Don shares his screen and shows users how to get the best of out of Mac and iOS applications, as well as show you solutions to particular problems which you may have.

I have been a subscriber for a good couple of years now, and yes, there have undoubtably been some shows covering areas which you have no interest in, but these are few and far between.

The skill which Don has to show hidden and useful features of applications which you use everyday is well worth the price of admission.


5. Dr Karl and the Naked Scientist

The first non Mac related podcast, and as its name suggests its about Science.

Dr Karl (author of books such as: 50 Shades of Grey Matter) from Australia joins Dr Chris Smith (in London) with the latest science news, and answers listeners questions. Questions such as, why do your nostrils take it in turns to become blocked and what would the edge of space look like, are all discussed.

Because of the time difference, the actual show is broadcast on BBC Radio 5 live at 3am, but as the majority of us are sleeping, the BBC put out this podcast for us.

Very interesting, and well worth a listen!

Podcasts are a great alternative to music. You can listen to them on the go, and even learn something!

Podcasts are a great alternative to music. You can listen to them on the go, and even learn something!