“A” Is For Awesome Idea 3

Ok, so this is going to be a bit of a challenge, I have signed up to the ‘Blogging From A To Z April Challenge‘ whereby every day from 1st April 2013 (excluding Sundays) you have to blog about a topic beginning with the next sequential letter of the alphabet.

So why is this an awesome idea? Well as you may have gathered I love blogging, its a great way of expressing yourself and almost having some time out from the world and reflect on things which matter to you.

If truth be told even I need a little inspiration of what to write about, as believe it or not sometimes I can go a whole day without something annoying me!

Hopefully this idea will help focus some blog future blog posts, although I have literally no idea what I am going to write for the letter ‘Z’!

Below is a schedule for the letters, if I remember I will update this page with links to the post for each day.

A to Z: 2013 Challenge [Letter Schedule]

Week One:
April 01, Monday – Letter “A”
April 02, Tuesday – Letter “B”
April 03, Wednesday – Letter “C”
April 04, Thursday – Letter “D”
April 05, Friday – Letter “E”
April 06, Saturday – Letter “F”

Week Two:
April 07, Sunday – BREAK
April 08, Monday – Letter “G”
April 09, Tuesday – Letter “H”
April 10, Wednesday – Letter “I”
April 11, Thursday – Letter “J”
April 12, Friday – Letter “K”
April 13, Saturday – Letter “L”

Week Three:
April 14, Sunday – BREAK
April 15, Monday – Letter “M”
April 16, Tuesday – Letter “N”
April 17, Wednesday – Letter “O”
April 18, Thursday – Letter “P”
April 19, Friday – Letter “Q”
April 20, Saturday – Letter “R”

Week Four:
April 21, Sunday – BREAK
April 22, Monday – Letter “S”
April 23, Tuesday – Letter “T”
April 24, Wednesday – Letter “U”
April 25, Thursday – Letter “V”
April 26, Friday – Letter “W”
April 27, Saturday – Letter “X”

Week Five:
April 28, Sunday – BREAK
April 29, Monday – Letter “Y”
April 30, Tuesday – Letter “Z”

"A" Is For Awesome Idea

“A” Is For Awesome Idea