“C” Is For Complaining 1

I know I do complain quite a bit, but in my opinion if you pay for a service and you don’t get it, you are well within your right to get some form of reprieve.

I’ve taken on Sky, and won £300, taken on EON for sending threatening letters for a non-paid electricity bill (when we don’t even get electricity from EON) and won £20, won against Amazon UK, Play.com and certain education authorities.

So yes I do think I’m rather good at getting what I think I deserve. By getting what I deserve I don’t mean ringing up customer services departments and being rude, or sending threatening letters/emails, there is a more refined approach, one which involves you taking charge of the situation.

The topic of complaining was covered briefly in ‘My Room 101 Items‘ post, but ultimately it comes down to one thing, and thats information.

Whenever I have an issue that needs investigating I create a new note in Evernote, and every time I speak to someone I make a note of:

  • The time I rang.
  • The time I actually spoke to someone (useful for working out the cost of listening to hold music, that you can then try to claim back).
  • Who I spoke to, and their position.
  • What was discussed.
  • Any case/complaint number.
  • Time the phone call ended

It is also worth asking the person who you speak to to confirm what was said via email, an attachment of which can be added to your Evernote note.

If you have exhausted your options, or just feel as you are getting no where, use CEO Email to find the last known email address of the companies CEO. In the email outline every step you have taken, and most importantly, what you want to put it right.

Most big companies expect you to give up after the first confrontation, and also expect you to lose track of who you have spoken to or what was discussed allowing them to call your bluff.

If you make sure you keep notes of you’re case, you are on your way to becoming a very competent complainer!

Seeing as its what my blog tends to focus on, it has to be 'Complaining' doesn't it!

Seeing as its what my blog tends to focus on, it has to be ‘Complaining’ doesn’t it!