“D” Is For David 2

How could “D” not be about my little younger brother, David. Of course now that has just given away what ‘F’, ‘G’, ‘M’ and ‘R’ are going to be about.

I obviously have hundreds memories of David, and as this post is all about him, I thought I would share two of my favourite memories I have. I would write more, but I’m in the middle of exams, so time is of the essence.

1. Well from a young age he was my ‘right hand man’ following me everywhere. You could always he was there because his little voice used to say “da da what ya doing”. ‘da da’ was short for Jonathan, as its quite a difficult name to say when you are only young.

2. We used to stay (and to some extent still do) at our grandparents house on the odd weekend, or when we are there for a family event. When we stayed at my dads parents we used to stay up late and listen to Just William on cassette tape, having played New Market with our grandparents and watched episodes of The Crystal Maze on Challenge. Whilst listening to Just William we used to put the worlds to rights, well as much as an 7 year old and 10 year old can anyway. Even when we stay at our grandparents now we often do stay up late and catchup on brotherly gossip and put the worlds to right.

Since we have grown up, he is now able to say my name fully and has stood on his own two feet, so much so that he has now taken to the independent lifestyle by going to University in Birmingham to study Engineering. We may be hundreds of miles away but we still FaceTime often and see each other frequently when we return home.

No matter how tall he gets (although he already all enough) he will always be my ‘ickle brother’ and no matter how many arguments we have I will always love him.

Here he is, little bro, well this is him many years ago. Image courtesy of 'The Mum'

Here he is, little bro, well this is him many years ago. Image courtesy of ‘The Mum

"D" is for my 'ickle' brother, David

“D” is for my ‘ickle’ brother, David