“H” Is For Heaven & Hell

Well its an interesting one today, with ‘H’ being kind of a hard letter to think of something to blog about, I’ve chosen a topic with very little proof of existence, I am talking about Heaven and Hell.

As far as I am aware, Heaven and Hell only have an existence in religious texts with no scientific proof that they are in the sky or in the depths of the earth – however is this a problem?

Personally I don’t believe in either, however that is not to say that I haven’t believed in heaven in or hell in the past.

Even tho there is no scientific proof that people go to heaven on death, it is often helps the grieving process if you think that your loved one who has sadly passed away, goes to a better place and will be taken good care of whomever than the truth of what actually happens.

Equally, when you hear in the news that something horrid has happened, for example another gun incident at a school in America, perhaps hoping that those who killed innocent children was going to a darker place would perhaps help those who are dealing with the tragic loss of a loved one.

So even to if you asked the average man in the street whether they believed in heaven or hell, the chances are they would say no.

To be honest the idea of g-d sitting on a fluffy white cloud with angels playing on harps, or the devil sitting in a Jacuzzi of molten lava is as farfetched as it gets – however the image of a better place (or indeed a darker place) helps the person who is grieving the loss of someone get through it a lot easier.

It can help the grieving process, but apart from that, I don't think they exist - sorry.

It can help the grieving process, but apart from that, I don’t think they exist – sorry.