“N” Is For New Watch

The more astute of you will have noticed that there is a new page on my website underneath the blog section, one entitled ‘Fitness‘ where I have started to link details of my workouts.

This of course follows on from my determination to make 2013 the year that I get into (and remain) in shape, eat healthier and generally do take care of my health more than I did in 2012.

In line with this determination, I joined the gym and am in the process of following personalised fitness plans, however one thing which always upset me about the gym, was the fact I was not surrounded by any really cool technology.

This had to change.

Enter in the Polar RCX5 watch, or should I say sports computer. The watch itself is light and small, and doesn’t look like a computer on your wrist, which is down to the fact that it acts as a receiver for all the attachments that transmit data to it wirelessly.

Depending on which version of the watch you get, the box will have in it various different sensors, which are then placed on either your trainers, bike, arm or chest which then take measurements of stride, distance, location and heart rate. These measurements are transmitted in real time to the watch which can then display information such as distance travelled and calories burnt.

I was lucky enough to get a fantastic price on the watch which included all of the sensors apart from the bike sensor, which means as far as I was concerned I was good to go for my gym sessions and take measurements. The lack of a bike sensor wasn’t such a huge issue for me since the only cycling that I do is on a gym bike, and as the watch and heart rate sensors are waterproof they can both be used (and take accurate measurements) in the swimming pool.

Setup of the watch is easy, and is done so by using the free software which is Mac and PC compatible. Different profiles are set up for each sport which you want to use the watch for, you select the sensors which you would like to use, an icon to identify it from the menu, and then up to 5 screens worth of measurements for it to display. Thats it.

When you get to the gym, you simply select the sport, put the sensors on and press go. Thats it. When you get home you sync the watch wirelessly to your computer and the data is displayed on the PolarPersonalTrainer.com website.

As you can see, the data which is produced is excellent, you can see your heart rate the zone of which you spent the majority of your work out in, distance and calories all in a nice report.

Whats more when using the watch in the gym, some gym equipment pics up the heart rate and displaces it on the gym machine itself, saving you looking down at your watch.

I love my Polar RCX5, its a great little watch that can be used day to day as well as in the gym. Whats more as the accessories can be added as you need them, if you buy just the basic pack and want to branch into different sports, you simply need to buy the additional sensor, not a whole new watch.

Here you can see the watch, the heart rate monitor, and stride sensor.

Here you can see the watch, the heart rate monitor, wireless connection to computer, and stride sensor.

My Polar RCX5 is a great 'New Watch' and hence it deserves a little post.

My Polar RCX5 is a great ‘New Watch’ and hence it deserves a little post.