“U” Is For Unusual Dream 1

There aren’t that many topics which I could have done on the letter ‘u’, however last night was rather unusual.

If only my dreams were as cute as these.

If only my dreams were as cute as these.

As you will have known by reading the T post from yesterday, it was rather busy going to the gym and uni work, so getting into bed last night, with a nice cup of tea, and watching some trashy TV was just what I needed.

Dozing off to the land of nod was all very well and good, however this morning left me somewhat puzzled. I have experienced some weird dreams in the past, however the ones last night were even more so.

It was divided into two parts, both equally unusual – if anyone reading this can interpret them, please let me know in the comments below what they mean.

The first dream, is more likely to happen than the second, and involved a woman tripping and falling outside the block of flats which I live, and ended up breaking her hand. Being the charming young man that I am, I attempted to assist her, however she was having non of it. I asked if she wanted an ambulance, but declined the offer and instead decided to manipulate her broken hand so that the bones pierced through her skin leaving her in pain.

The second one wasn’t much better, I was at a cashpoint wanting to withdraw some money. All is very well and good, nothing out of the ordinary. The woman in front withdraws cash and I stand up to put my card in. My card goes in, and within second I hear a grinding noise. Shortly after my card was spat back at me in shredded sized pieces – I mean why?! The person behind me bemused as me, then went to do the same, and the machine dispensed his cash, so why didn’t the machine like me?!

I have no idea what these mean, if you do please let me know!

After last night, 'u' had to be for 'unusual dreams'

After last night, ‘u’ had to be for ‘unusual dreams’