Update From BSB On BPTC Ethics-Gate 5

Those who are currently sitting the BPTC will no doubt remember the complete and utter mess that the BSB has made with one of the centrally set assessments, Professional Ethics.

Despite being told on 20th March 2013 that a statement would be issued by the BSB “shortly” it has taken over 4 weeks for a statement to be made.

This evening students at MMU have received a copy of the statement made by the BSB. I cannot confirm if this message has been received by students of all providers, however here is the response copied as sent out by a senior lecturer at MMU (my provider):

Announcement for BPTC candidates from Bar Standards Board

Dear Students,

Some of you will be aware that issues were raised concerning a number of MCQs and an SAQ that featured in the Professional Ethics First Sit exam which took place Monday 18 March 2013. The relevant examiners and the Chair of the Central Examination Board have considered the relevant information and the Bar Standards Board can now confirm that candidate’s results will be considered in the normal way at the Final Central Examination Board in June 2013. The Final Central Examination Board will consider what interventions if any are necessary in respect of the results of the Professional First Sit examination. The Bar Standards Board is able to confirm, however, that the First Sit Professional Ethics examination for the 2012/13 session has not been declared invalid. The resit examination for Professional Ethics will be available for any student who needs to attempt it on Monday 19 August 2013 in the normal way.


So lets look at it piece by piece.

Opening line “Some of you will be aware”– I would like to know if anyone who completed the Ethics paper did not notice the errors, or subsequently did not hear of what went wrong.

Main body “The Chair of the CEB have considered all relevant information and the BSB can now confirm that the candidates results will be considered in the normal way.” – in other words, we are doing nothing, and whats more, we are not going to say how or if results are going to be effected.

Finally if in any doubt “The BSB is able to confirm that the Professional Ethics exam has not been declared invalid” – how this is possible when some questions did not have correct answers available, and others were available to a select group of students prior to the paper being sat is just unbelievable.

Personally after this fiasco, I am seriously doubting whether the BSB (in particular its education division) is fit for purpose!

Considering the BSB is able to be brought under Judicial Review, why we as students don’t rally round to get this question answered is due to one fact, Judicial Review can be very very expensive.

The statement issued did nothing, it was like a train delay apology - completely empty of any sincerity what so ever.

The statement issued did nothing, it was like a train delay apology – completely empty of any sincerity what so ever.

Anyone else agree the BSB should have to answer for this? Comments welcome below: