My Aston Martin V8 Vantage Experience

I am yet to find a guy out there who doesn’t want to get behind the wheel of a super-car! Thanks to my mother and father, yesterday (2nd June 2013) my brother and I took to the race track and I got behind the wheel of an Aston Martin V8 Vantage, and David got behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Gallardo.

For 10 minutes at least, this was my Aston Martin Vantage...

For 10 minutes at least, this was my Aston Martin Vantage…

The racing day was put on by 6th Gear Supercar Driving Experiences, and although our track day had to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances, as luck would have it the weekend we traded in was overcast, whereas our new day, yesterday, was blue sky and sun!

David, Dad and I could be considered your typical men, although we don’t necessarily know the difference between overseer and understeer, we know the cars we like the look at and want to drive, and even have been to a Top Gear Live Show where we could see the cars, but sadly couldn’t drive them.

This year was different, as David and I both got to drive our respective cars four laps of the track, then experience a ‘hot lap’ in a super-charged Ford Focus driven by a professional driver.

You will be able to see from the photographs (some of which were taken by my mother) and videos below we both enjoyed the experience thoroughly.

...and for at least 10 minutes, this was Davids Lamborghini

…and for at least 10 minutes, this was Davids Lamborghini

As I walked up to the car and the door opened, for the next 10 minutes or so the car was mine, to go as fast in as I could. The seats were comfortable to sit in, and get into (although getting out of them was another issue), and the engine sounded amazing. Having only driven a handful of hire cars, and my Ford KA in my lifetime, the clutch did take a few moments getting used to, however considering I only really went from parked to 1st gear once, it wasn’t an issue.

Putting your foot on the accelerator, and being thrust back into your seat is simply an amazing experience, so much so that when I got out of the car I couldn’t stop grinning for at least 15 minutes. Breaking was also fantastic, being able to go from what felt like supersonic speed to walking pace in a handful of seconds is perhaps the closest I have got to feeling my heart jump into my mouth.

David who had not driven as recently as I had done also did fantastically well in his Lamborghini. He sped along round the track and before we knew it he was back with us, also grinning from ear to ear!

Naturally 4 laps of a track in such fast cars meant that the whole experience of actually driving only lasted around 10 minutes. However because we got shown round the course first, and had the ‘hot lap’ after, the adrenaline was running for a good few hours.

6th Gear Supercar Driving Experiences (whom I might add did not sponsor this post) hired some fantastic drivers who accompanied us in all of our laps, they were friendly, professional and most importantly let us drive at a pace which we felt comfortable at.

As you might expect at any event there are ‘memories’ which you can purchase. The one which David and I went for was a memory stick which saved recordings of both the drivers view, and view of the driver, together with speed travelling all in a nice movie file. I edited mine together with some of the video which Dad took, and so is quite a nice memento of the day, something which I think is worth the price charged of £35. What was a disappointment was that some professional photographs which had been taken by laser triggered cameras on the track were being sold for £25 each. Yes I know we don’t have to buy them, but when you consider you have paid for the racing day, paid for the video, paying £35 for one printed photograph is a bit of a cheeky ask. Personally speaking I would have been happy to pay £39.95 for both the video and photograph, and as we got the video on a memory stick which was provided, a digital copy could have easily been added.

That aside I am more than happy with the video which I purchased and which dad took, and when you combine it with the photographs which mum and I took, the memories of that day will be kept alive for a long time to come.

My Video:

Davids Video: