The End Of An Era, The End Of The BPTC, And The End Of Full Time Education

Yesterday was one of those days where not only did I finish a chapter of my life, but also finish the first volume. Yesterday marked the end of the Bar Professional Training course, or BPTC that I had been taking at MMU over the past year, which in effect was the conclusion of my 5th and final year in full time, university education.

Yes there have been problems with the exams that were set, however I am confident that once these have been put to one side, I will (hopefully) get the results which I deserve.

However yesterday wasn’t just the end of education at MMU, it was the end of year ball where we could all celebrate the end of exams together, and spend one final evening together as a cohort.

During the first few months from September to Easter, the BPTC was taught in small groups, or chambers groups, and I think that out of all the chambers classes on the full time course, the one which I was apart of was without a doubt, the best.

We instantly gelled as a group, and not only felt comfortable enough around each other to make fools of ourselves during the first few weeks of advocacy and conference classes, but became very close friends with one another.

All of these chambers groups were split up after Easter as we all took different options, however this did not stop us getting together for the odd meal, drink, or coffee where we could exchange gossip and generally have a good natter.

Last night at the ball, it was not a ‘good bye’ in the traditional sense to all my friends. Yes we will no doubt be seeing less of each other, but those who were in my chambers group, and whom I became close to on the BPTC will not just remain friends within my contact book, or cursory glances of status updates on Facebook, but friends for life.

With full time education over what is next for me? Well believe it or not I am not too sure. I do know that in the last week or so of June I will be taking a course to become a fully qualified mediator, but apart from that we will just have to wait and see. Whilst I do not have a firm offer of a job, I am confident that come September I will be doing something, and just with the BPTC and previous jobs, I will be putting 110% into it.

So until September comes, and the job applications which I have been applying for close, I will be filling my time with the gym (so I am ready for my 10km runs), blogging, keeping in touch with friends from the BPTC and job hunting.

I know it sounds like not a lot, but believe me, filling in job applications could be a full time job!

Chambers 4 at the ball last night. The gentleman in the middle (who isnt a student) is our personal tutor, Raymond.

Chambers 4 at the ball last night. The gentleman in the middle (who isnt a student) is our personal tutor, Raymond.