More Than A Jobs Worth

For those of you who are unaware, I am currently in the market for a new job, having finished my education a few weeks ago. I have been swimming in interviews which has not only been a fantastic experience, but also very interesting, as it has allowed me to see the different management styles people employ to look after and manage their staff.

Of course you do not need to in an interview to see these different management styles at work, as if you are in the UK there are currently two ’employment related’ TV programmes on air at the moment.

The first of which is perhaps most well-known, for the idea has been taken all over the world, I am of course talking of The Apprentice. I have blogged about my views on The Apprentice before, and even as the series has dragged on, I am still of the same opinion that I expressed in that earlier post.

The second program which I am talking about is entitled The Call Centre, and unsurprisingly focuses on the life of a call centre. The manager, Nev Wilshire could not manage his staff in a different manner to Alan Sugar if he tried harder.

Upon entering the call centre of SaveBritainMoney (even when viewing it on TV) you can feel a huge amount of energy, and love that the staff have for their job, it really does feel like one big family. In fact the atmosphere looks so great I have had the thought of applying for a job there, the only thing that holds me back it is a career path that is totally different to the one which I wish to take, not to mention it’s in Wales!

In fact Nev’s company has such a great atmosphere that earlier this year, it was ranked 2nd in The Sunday Times Best Companies To Work For 2013.

Having given some thought as to how I would like to demonstrate the differences between management styles is by taking 5 quotes from each of the TV programs and allow you to make your own decisions.

Alan Sugar:

“You’re looking at me dumbfounded, with dumb expressions. I don’t want to waste my time talking to a load of dummies.”

“I’ve got a pile of CVs here – full of the usual BS.”

“You’re just full of sh1t.”

“You’re all a bl00dy waste of space.”

“I don’t want to see your face anymore…you’re fired.”


Nev Wilshire:

“Happy people sell.”

“I don’t want my staff getting up in the morning and dreading coming to work, we try to keep and pleasant atmosphere to work in.”

“Surround yourself with the right people and the rest is easy.”

“If you have to see someone who you have known and loved for some time, no long with a job they have to feed themselves and possibly their families, so to cut back is going to hurt me, hurt me a lot.”

“There are businesses out there who would love to bottle the atmosphere we have in our office, and I’m proud of our staff for making it that way.”


Of course I am not going to say that Alan Sugar hasn’t said caring things to his staff, and equally, you only have to watch the first episode of The Call Centre to see that Nev can also have a dark side.

I fully understand that the jobs depicted in the TV programmes are different, they are totally different and offer different rewards. However the rewards can fall in to two camps, the first of which is financial, and the second is of course enjoyment.

Whilst having financial rewards is all well and good, when you really look deeply into it, who would you rather be managed by – for me the answer is clear.

So after much deliberation, if when the time comes for me to manage a group of people in a commercial setting, I would much rather employ the style used by Nev, thereby allowing my staff to have fun and enjoy their work, and generally be a decent human being to the people who are giving up their lives to work for me.

If you look after your staff, your staff will look after you.

Out of the whole series of The Call Centre so far, this has to be my favourite quote so far.

Out of the whole series of The Call Centre so far, this has to be my favourite quote so far.