Rachel Turns 17 1

Today is the day where my little sister has turned 17, which means that she will soon be let loose on the roads of the UK.

Thankfully I will be in Manchester when she takes her first lesson  tomorrow, and having established over lunch yesterday, that the pedals to control the car are on the floor, and there are three of them, not the two which were thought of that caused the car to go forward and back, I don’t really know who to feel more nervous for, the pedestrians, or her driving instructor!

Those little ‘Rachel-isms’ are what make Rachel, Rachel, and in honour of her birthday, here are a few more.

R is for radiant, every room she walks in is filled with something special.

is for amazing, no matter what she puts her mind to, she does incredibly well.

is for chatterbox, forget winning ‘Just A Minute’ she could win ‘Just An Hour’.

H is for hair, happy, always wearing a smile, never upset and always laughing.

is for loving, a loving sister, daughter, and granddaughter.

Happy birthday little sis!

Happy birthday little sis!