Monthly Archives: July 2013

The Royal Birth – HRH Baby Cambridge

It was a long time coming, but finally the Royal baby arrived. Still officially unnamed, but lovingly referred to as ‘Baby Cambridge’ the world has stood still as we awaited first the birth, and now the first glimpse of the third inline to the throne.

The Importance Of Being True To You

With us only getting one shot at life, I believe that its important to live it being yourself rather than someone else. This motto applies from everything to school life, dealing with family, and even (more topical to myself at the moment) in interviews. If you are yourself, you have a bigger chance of being accepted for who you are, than for something you pretend to be.

Back With Flickr Again…

I don’t know of any other service on the Internet that provides 1TB of free data storage. Flickr since did away with the upload limit, and offered all of its accounts 1TB of data for free, up until now Flickr and I have always been heading in the opposite directions, however now, we are both singing from the same song sheet and heading to our destination together.